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Meeting called to order by GS Tony Andreas at 6:pm

Roll call of officers: Absent or excused officers were the GC,VGC,S of EX. CAPT.of BG.,MW.,and the CHAPLAIN

Opening prayer led by SN Stan Gilliland

Pledge of allegiance led by SN Bruce Taber

Reading of the minutes of the last meeting: Approved as read

Reading of communications received: Read and discussed letter from Supreme concerning Raffle Tickets, Order of Alhambra

Facebook site, Biennial Convention, Election of Supreme Officers, Convention rules.

Committee reports: Scribe of the Exchequer report submitted by SN Bruce Taber. Total deposits for the month were $1,249.00.

Grand Chamberlain report: Balance on hand $19,508.20, Balance available for use; $9,508.20.

 G.Cham. Stan Gilliland will check on the rate of return for CDs

Other reports: Christmas party will be at the El Camino Country Club on Dec. 14, 2019 at 11:00am

Supreme Director report: Make sure we finalize the ad that Ben Ziri will put in the Convention Book. Convention attendees

Send in money, Supreme raffle discussed, Summer camp funds available($1000.00) GC Caligiuri

Will check with our Alhambra house to see if they are interested in attending camp.                                 

Old business: Changes to Convention ad discussed, Calendar of Ben Ziri events in 2019 discussed

New business: Status of those in arrears of dues was discussed. Five people will be dropped bringing Ben Ziri membership to forty-one members. The password for the Order of Alhambra website is now Laus Deo. Having a monthly meeting at the Ehrhart alcazar in Escondido  was tabled to the June meeting.

Good of the order: Thelma Poorman, Brett Poorman, and Jill Poorman need our prayers. Fr. Mike Dallmeier still in hospital.

Date of next meeting: 6/20/2019

District Raffle winners for May are, Hsiah Scheer $100.00, Thelma Poorman $50.00.

Final prayer led by GS Tony Andreas.

Meeting adjourned at 7:55pm

Respectfully Submitted SN Anthony Andreas


Order of Alhambra

Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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