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Ben Ziri Caravan 218

January 18, 2018

Knights of Columbus Hall


CALL TO ORDER GC Theresa Andreas opened the meeting at  6:04 PM

OPENING PRAYER was led by  Fr. Mike

PLEDGE OF  ALLEGIANCE was led by Stan Gilliland

ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS  revealed all present with the exception of V. Gr. Com Fran Samhammer and Reg. Dir. Chris Braun, excused and Sen Twr. Fe Castro, absent

MINUTES  of the previous meeting were approved as read. 

COMMITTEE REPORTS  S/E Fernando Acuna - 11/18/17 reported receipts  $0. Total Balance $0.

 12/21/17 receipts $1,527.50.  These include Inititation fee and donations from Sn Mann and Ed Ehrhart.  12/21/17 receipts $1,235.00

Gr. Cham Mike Caligiuri - Report 10/1-10/31/17.   Disbursements $0.   Total checking balance  $5,878.35.  11/1/17-11/30/17 $1,527.69, disbursements $200.00.  Checking available $7,206.04.  12/1-12/31/17, disbursements $1,266.45.  Checking available $7,399.90

REGIONAL NEWS  In the absence of RD Chris Braun; Gr. Com. Thersa read the names of the Ben Ziri Winners of the “12 days of Christmas.”  Maggie Owen $40,  Chris Braun $70 and Janet Getty $100.  Congratulations! 

UNFINISHED BUSINESS  Due to the fires in So Cal the Interface Gala was cancelled.  Mike Caligiuri and Geri Cooper will attend at the reschuled date Jan.19.  Gr. Com. Theresa thanked Ida, Fernando and committtee for their work on the Initiation of Officers.  Thank you also to Theresa and committee for the successful Christmas Gala.

NEW BUSINESS   bruce reported on the “Souper Bowl” to be held Jan 27. Remember the Italian men’s cookoff also.  Marilyn & Stan Gilliland finalized plans for the Memorial Mass Feb. 4, at 10:AM St.Clare’s Chapel.  Fr. Mike will preside.Br. Ivan Cortez  will be the cantor.  Lunch at Fratelli’s; 11:15 Am.   make reservations  and choice of entre and send $22.00 check to the Gillilands; made out to Ben Ziri.  The audit will be Tues Jan.30 Fernando and Mike will present their reports to Tony, Stan and Bruce.

GOOD OF THE ORDER  Juliana Taber has asked to be put on the Ben Ziri Prayer List.  She is having major health problems.  It was reported that Grace Cerkonowicz has died.  Please pray foir all members.  Ed Scheer reported good news. The Veterans Administration clinic operated on his left ear and he can now hear.  He had been deaf since childhood.



ADJOURNMENT    GC Theresa closed the meeting at 7:20 PM


CLUB DRAWING:  Juliana Taber


Maggie Owen

Order of Alhambra

Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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