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Meeting called to order by GC Mike Caligiuri at 6:00pm

Opening prayer led by Fr. Mike Dallmeier

Pledge of allegiance led by GS Tony Andreas

Roll call of officers: All present except for the following excused officers. Grand Advocate, Master of the Wardrobe, Master of the Oasis, and the Sentinel of the Desert.

Reading of minutes: The minutes were not on hand and will be read at the March meeting along with the March minutes.

Reading of communications received: Invitation to the inauguration of Adela De La Torre, PHD. As the ninth president of S.D.S.U. and an invitation to the Annual Scholarship Dinner at S.D.S.U.

Committee reports:

  Scribe of the Exchequer; December income $1,244.00, January income $1898.60, February income $210.95.    Final notices have been sent to those members who Have not paid their dues.

  Grand Chamberlain; December balance $7,891.44, January balance $800.19, February balance$8711.30.

  Scholarship report; Ben Ziri Caravan will be presenting memorial scholarships in The name of Sultana  Gertrude Winslow, SN James Connolly, and Sultana Marcy Lariosa. SDSU and the recipient’s families have been notified

Supreme Director Report:

  Matching funds from Supreme must be used by July. The new application forms have a space to report felonies. No applicant who has a felony conviction will be admitted to the Order of Alhambra as a member.

  There will be no edition of the Alhambran newspaper this quarter. Supreme will keep us up to date with frequent e-mails.

Old Business:

  The final report on the Soup Cook-off showed a profit of $881.66.

  The St. Patty’s Day party will be held at the Oceanside Women’s Club on

  March 23rd, 2019. $25.00 per person. Everything is the same as last year. Please Get your checks in early.

  The Memorial mass will be held in the St Clare Chapel at the Old Mission at 10am on the

  24th of Feb,, 2019. Brunch will be held at Fratelli’s restaurant after mass. So far 21

  People have sent in their checks.

New business:

  So far we have six people going to the Bi-annual Order of Alhambra Convention.

  A motion was made by LN Maggie Owen to elect SN Ed Scheer as Ben Ziri’s dele-

  Gate to the convention. 2nd by SN Bruce Taber and passed.

  SN Bruce Taber motioned that we purchase a full page color ad in the convention program for $250.00 , 2nd by SN Acuna and passed.

  Supreme is holding a recruitment drive during March, April and May. They are urging each member to recruit at least one new member.

Good of the order:

  Please keep PSC Bob Santos and his Sultana Fran in your prayers. Also please

  Pray for PGC Theresa Andreas’ sister Joanne Cavaleri who died this week of a  Heart attack.

  Date of next meeting 3/21/19.

  Closing prayer led by Fr. Mike.

  Meeting adjourned at 7: 20pm.

  Respectfully submitted GS ANTHONY ANDREAS  



Order of Alhambra

Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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