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September 20, 2018

Knights of Columbus Hall

CALL TO ORDER  GC Theresa Andreas opened the meeting at 6:01 pm

OPENING PRAYER  was led by Rich Miro

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIENCE  was led by Chris Braun

ROLL CALL OF OFFICERS All members present with the exception of MW Ken Owen  and V. GR Com. Fran Samhammer excused,  S.D. Lavern Burns and Chap. Fr. Mike Dallmeier.

MINUTES of the previous meeting were approved as read.

COMMUNICATIONS   Two letters and monetary donations in memory of Gertrude Winslow from her Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren.  A Thank You from Rady’s Children’s Hospital for our donation to the Medically Fragile Children.  A Thank You from TERRI. 

COMMITTEE REPORTS  S/E Fernando Acuna’  - reported receipts of $1,701.00, proceeds from “Forever Plaid” 1,680.00 and a donation of $21.00 Total deposit. $1,701.00  G/Ch Mike Caligiuri reported receipts of $1,701.00. Disbursements of $2,276.13 leaving a total available balance of $7,980.23.  Mike reported that $100.00 will be sent as the annual Caravan donation to Region.

REGIONAL NEWS RD Chris Braun stated Ben Ziri Caravan was the first to initiate a new member electronically.  He challenged other Caravans to do the same.  Regional raffle tickets are ready for distribution, on sale Nov 2018-Nov 2019.  The word Salaam is now replaced by Laus Deo (Praise God.)

COMMITTEE REPORTS  Bruce reminded all of the Souper Bowl Oct 27.  Halloween costume.  Do you want to bring your Crock-Pot filled with you favorite soup?  Let Bruce know.  Also the Installation of Offices for the 2019 year will be held.  GC Theresa has made the reservations for the Christmas Party.

NEW  BUSINESS   Mike moved that Ben Ziri change from the Calendar year Jan 1/Dec 31 to the Fiscal year Jul 1/June 30.  Mike also moved that new members Chris Martin and Mechelle Rhead be awarded $100.00 new membership incentive award from Supreme.

The names of those willing to serve if elected to the Ben Ziri for the 2018-19 Officers Divan are:

Gr. Commander                               Mike Caligiuri

Vice .Gr. Commander                      Rich Miro          

Gr. Chamberlain                              Stan Gilliland

Scribe Exchequer                            Fernando Acuna

Gr. Scribe                                         Tony Andreas

Gr. Advocate                                    Ed Sheer

Gr. Ed./Hist.                                      Bruce Taber

Mstr. Wrdrb.                                     Ken Owen

Mstr. Bdygrd                                     Geri Cooper

Mstr. Oasis                                        Juliana Taber

Sent. Twr.                                         Fe Castro

Sent. Desrt.                                       Fran Samhammer

PIGC                                                 Theresa Andreas

Chaplain                                            Fr. Mike Dallmeier                       

NEXT MEETING  October18, 2018


GC Theresa asked for prayers for Tony who will under undergo Heart surgery.  Please pray for Tim Sheer, son of Ed and Shay Sheer and PSC Bob Santos and his wife Francis. Remember all Ben Ziri members in your prayers.



DRAWIING  Mike Caligiuri


GS Maggie Owen

Order of Alhambra

Ben Ziri Caravan 218
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